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New tires. Used Tires. Big Tires. Small Tires. Off-road Tires. 

We do all sizes but just one shape! We have been servicing the Daytona Beach area for almost 20 years. Reilly Auto Repair can mount and balance your tires and align your vehicle to get the maximize your tire tread life. Our tire experts are trained and prepped to recognize any abnormality your tire may have. We inspect the origination date, tire tread wear patterns, dry-rot, bubbles, anything that is not supposed to be apart of your tires. Reilly Auto have a laser alignment machine capable of 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignments. We don't just set the tow and go, our technicians are trained to ensure your vehicle is driving in the range the manufacturers specify. If your car does not have adjustments available, don't worry, we will install a camber adjustment kit. After all, it's important you get the most out of your tires!

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