Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
Daytona Ice Cold Air Sickle
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Mechanics have serviced vehicles in Daytona beach since 2001

Mechanics have serviced vehicles in Holly HIll since 1997

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Welcome to full-service auto repair staffed with experienced & certified mechanics. Founded in the Daytona Beach auto district and now providing Holly Hill, FL with all their auto needs. We provide a Nation-Wide Warranty on all service work which provides you with experienced mechanics all over America. With over 50 years of experience and an apprentice program in development, we know how to fix your car now, and in the future. Investing in our youth to develop trade skills will pave many roads to success and allow our technicians to perfect their craft. Auto Repair is evolving in conjunction with technology, and we are proud to announce our digital transformation coming soon. As a team we continually educate through the industries top leaders staying up-to-date on auto trends allowing us to provide the most efficient service. Reilly Auto & Ice Cold Auto Air will be your cold breeze on a hot summer day.

We are proud to be one of the few independent auto repair shops certified to work with the latest 1234YF refrigerant. Yes, you don't have to go to the dealer anymore. We specialize in auto A/C; furthermore, we can make custom A/C hoses, complete dash removals, install complete A/C systems with our without existing hardware and we have extended-warranty kits available. Holly Hill Auto A/C is who we are. Under New Ownership, we are expanding all services into

full automotive repair. This includes oil changes, brakes, transmissions, tires, suspension, electrical, etc. We are committed to providing a quality, clean, efficient auto repair experience with courtesy digital inspections texted to your fingertips. Reilly Auto & Ice Cold Air is developing contactless car repair with a premium sanitation cleanse to ensure we can provide service for anyone. 

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Daytona Ice Cold Auto Air was founded in 1977 by Kevin Masters. As a young entrepreneur, Kevin implemented Auto A/C right on International Speedway Blvd. Although it's called Daytona Ice Cold Auto Air, Walgreens bought the property in the mid 90's and the business relocated to Holly Hill, FL. It's been operating at this location for over 20 years. You may remember Kevin for his notorious street signs. He had a very large speedometer that actually moved! Kevin sold the company in 2020 to Reilly Auto Repair, one of the top full-service auto repair companies in the county. Similar to Daytona Ice Cold Auto Air, Reilly Auto Repair was in Daytona for almost 20 years. We have just merged forces and expertise to provide the best possible customer service experience attainable. Our mission to keep you safe and cool, after all this is Florida. We innovate and integrate our auto passion within the community. With our expertise in Auto A/C, we have efficient and effective policies in place to ensure your vehicles are properly cared for. 

At Reilly Auto Repair our techs are thoroughly trained and hold certifications in all 8 automotive categories. To achieve this our techs have spent hundreds of hours in classroom study followed by hands-on training with Engineers and Designers of our Diagnostic Equipment. Our Techs hold ASE Master Certifications, GM Master & GM Gold Certifications along with ATRA Master Certifications. These are some of the top achievements in the automotive repair industry and puts Reilly Auto Repair in an elite category of car service. Using quality parts (at great prices!) we will repair your vehicle in a timely manner getting you back on the road fast!

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