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Chevrolet Corvette Specialist 

Growing up as a kid we always had corvettes around, whether they were at home in our garage, our at the shop in Daytona Beach. Paul Reilly Sr, the corvette guru, was factory trained at GM for over a decade. He worked directly with GM for many years on common problems and actually got to work with engineers in some cases. As the top auto mechanic in the North East district, the company would send him all around the country working with other teams and checking out Nascar events as a bonus. A lot has changed since then, but one common theme has remained, corvettes are everywhere and it's just the way we like it. We have built an absolute A-team of mechanics with multiple corvette prodigy's. We built our own shop with corvettes in mind. This means extended drive on ramps, hockey pucks at every station, and Mobile-One oil stocked up.


 We have seen all the common problems you could imagine on corvettes. I have compiled a small list covering each generation of corvette and what we see in our shop.

C1 corvettes 1953-1962   - These are basically in restoration mode at this point. They either have been restored or need to be. The main issue we see in the shop correlates with wiring some way or another. We install conversion kits and also perform a lot of wheel alignments.

C2 corvettes 1963-1967  - Headlight motor assemblies! We are always seeing those headlight issues. We can restore them or replace them. Poor electrical grounds at the taillights. Fluid leaks. Custom A/C installations are the top favorite mod here at the shop. It's an absolute must have in Florida and we did a handful of Vintage Air installs this past summer

C3 corvettes 1968-1982  - Disabling the security system. Rebuilding or replacing the clock. Suspension overhauls and interior wiring issues. These are the most common problems we see with the 3rd generation corvette.

C4 corvettes 1984-1996  -They took a year off and came with some major improvements for the 4th generation. The vehicle randomly stalling is a top know issue and can be extremely difficult to diagnose. The engine just stops while driving. It is common for the airbag lights to be on and also we see a lot of low coolant problems. 

C5 corvettes 1997-2004  - If your C5 corvette has an ABS light come on you could be in trouble. While some codes are repairable, there are some codes that you just can fix. You need the EBCM unit to be replaced and GM does not make them anymore. The last one we replaced went for $1600 on Ebay. The vehicle will still drive but if you're like me, I can't stand having lights on my dash. 

C6 corvettes 2005-2013  - Does your 6th generation corvette make a squealing noise. It's aggravating and not as simple as replacing your belt. GM didn't seem to make the harmonic balancer to last. When it comes to these common issues we upgrade the balancer to a performance brand that will last. 

C7 corvettes 2014-2020  - The last front engine vette? Wheels bending and/or breaking. "Service Steering Column Lock" message and fuel level sensors. This car is one of our favorites.

C8 corvettes 2020 - beyond - We have had some fun installing mods. We highly recommend the custom fit radiator guards to be installed. We have heard a few cases of road debris dinging and damaging the radiator. A design flaw I'm sure they won't overlook again.




Volusia County Corvette Specialist 

Don’t Pay Dealer Prices!

Having been a Chevy Corvette Tech for years, Paul and his team puts knowledge and experience to work for you with his top of the line Factory Diagnostic Equipment. We have chevy corvette customers all around Florida. Taking pride in working on your car, it's no surprise to have customers from surrounding cities such as Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna, Palm Coast, and more! We can take care of all of your Corvette service needs; from routine oil service with Mobile 1, to check engine lights, to high performance upgrades.

Corvette Services Offered
Routine Maintenance
Corvette Certified Mechanic
Factory Diagnostic Equipment
A/C Delco Parts
High Performance Upgrades
Check Engine Lights
Heaters & A/C
Power Windows
ABS / Service Ride ControlStability System

Corvette Repair 

The Chevrolet Corvette, an American icon! The only real American made sports car.

Paul Reilly was one of the first techs on the East Coast to be certified by Chevrolet on the C-5 Corvette. Being a Corvette enthusiast himself, Paul has owned C-3, C-4 and C-5 corvettes. He is well known around the community and the corvette forums. Paul takes a lot of pride in his work with Corvettes and you can be sure yours will be in good hands!

Daytona Auto Corvette Specialist Ponce Inlet Corvette Club


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