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Daytona Beach Honda Repair & Service

Honda is a quality brand and we have really seen their popularity grow this past decade. This is the result of durability and reliability mixed with a great price point. We have put a list together of some common known issues that we come across at the shop and have researched online.

Honda Oil Consumption

We have had a ton of complaints over the years of Honda oil issues. Drivers notice their Honda is low on oil and bring their vehicle in to check for oil leaks. We found most of the vehicles did not leak oil and there was no correlation of mileage in regards to when they would visit our shop. A federal class action lawsuit would eventually come to light as the Honda’s had a “systematic design defect that enables oil to enter into the engine’s combustion chamber”. This problem caused Honda’s to have excessive oil consumption, premature spark plug degradation and also engine malfunction. We found these complaints all over the internet as well. This defect can be seen in Honda Accord, Odyssey and Crosstour. 

Honda Noise and Vibration while braking

Another common issue we see in the Honda world is noise and/or vibration while applying the brakes. Living in or around the Daytona Beach area our vehicles are susceptible to rusting. The salt in the air can really become a problem. We have seen rusted rotors and also warped rotors. The glazing of the rotor can cause a noise and when rotors warp they actually cause the vehicle to vibrate or pulsate when you apply the brake. The Reilly Auto Repair staff is trained to ask specific questions when you bring your vehicle in because the right complaint will efficiently lead us to identify what is causing your Honda issue.

Reilly Auto Repair is proud to have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to work on your Honda. We have ASE certified technicians that combine to have over 50 years of experience.  Preventative maintenance and repairs are two of the most important things you can do for your vehicle to keep it running at peak performance. Furthermore, if your Honda is currently in need of an oil change, heating or air conditioning work, a brake adjustment, has a check engine light on, or just needs a tire rotation, bring it in. We can get your vehicle taken care of and get you back on the road in no time. We back all of our work with our 3 Year/36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty.  Reilly Auto Repair is known for honesty, quality, excellent customer service, and our competitive prices.

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