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What in the CVT were they thinking with this? CVT stands for continuously variable transmission and basically means the vehicle seamlessly changes through an “unending” range of effective gear ratios while you drive. Traditional units have hard shifts and a fixed number of gear ratios. CVT’s have been around for a long time but here's the catch. They are very expensive to replace and they don’t last nearly as long as the traditional units. If your Nissan has shifting problems like hesitation, hard shifts, or makes noise during specific gears we recommend making an appointment so we can inspect and diagnose the system. 

Nissan Engine Does Not Start

If you wake up one morning and your Nissan engine does not start it’s most likely the battery. Reilly Auto Customers enjoy courtesy roadside assistance after their first visit, but nonetheless, we can check and diagnose your electrical system. The next common issue is a problem with the brake switch. This can cause your brake lights to stay lit at all times, which ultimately will drain your battery. We also see problems with the brake pedal position sensor. 

Reilly Auto Repair is proud to have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to work on your Nissan. We have ASE certified technicians that combine to have over 50 years of experience. We have been open for over 15 years and have serviced a wide variety of different Nissan's. Preventative maintenance and repairs are two of the most important things you can do for your vehicle to keep it running at peak performance. Furthermore, if your Nissan is currently in need of an oil change, heating or air conditioning work, a brake adjustment, has a check engine light on, or just needs a tire rotation, bring it in. We can get your vehicle taken care of and get you back on the road in no time. We back all of our work with our 3 Year/36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty.  Reilly Auto Repair is known for honesty, quality, excellent customer service, and our competitive prices.

Daytona Nissan
Repair & Service

We have been servicing Nissan’s in the Daytona Beach area since 2001. My favorite Nissan is the Quest and mainly because I have 4 kids. They all fit comfortably and it’s spacious so they don’t fight the entire ride. The most common Nissan we see here are the Nissan Altima’s.

Nissan CVT Transmission Problems

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